One Of The

Most Resilient Networks In Pakistan

TW International Reach

Transworld’s global network is one of the most resilient networks in Pakistan. We have peering agreements with Tier1 operators on both Eastern and Western routes through multiple submarine cables, for unmatched redundancy and zero downtime. Transworld is the only operator in Pakistan which not only owns its submarine cable TW1, but also enjoys ample restoration capacity on SMW3 and SWM4 cables for route diversity. To further improve resilience, TWA will be connected to the upcoming MENA cable system owned by its parent group Orascom.

Transworld has an unmatched footprint across the globe through special arrangements with its international partners. The company has landing interconnect agreements with Etisalat and OmanTel in the Middle East and has peering with Verizon in Europe, Telecom Italia, Cable & Wireless, and Level 3 Communications in Europe and TATA and SingTel on the Eastern side. The company is soon embarking on establishing its own POPs in Europe, US and Far East for world class levels of resilience and quality.

With its state of the art landing station in Karachi, TWA has established its POPs in all major cities of Pakistan. The company has arrangements with multiple long-haul and local loop operators for providing seamless connectivity anywhere in the country to its local and International customers.

By virtue of its state of the art network, own private cable, international peering with Tier1 operators and strong local presence, Transworld gives unmatched SLAs to its local and international customers.