IP Transit

The transfer of information in today’s world has become a critical success factor for organizations and individuals. Transworld’s IP Transit service offers a seamless communication channel that can satisfy all your local connectivity needs. We offer high performance premium CIR internet connectivity with no traffic congestion and guaranteed performance. Content on the internet is delivered to you via a secure, low latency and low packet loss carrier grade networks, ensuring information flow like never before. Our IP Transit service offers short hop internet access via the internet cloud through our private and public peering contracts with major internet traffic exchanges.

Our state-of-the-art IP network enables rapid access to global content, so that in the rapidly changing information scenario you are always up to date with the latest.


Own Private Network

Transworld is the only private carrier in Pakistan which has laid its own submarine cable for international connectivity which gives greater flexibility and control for network management and optimization. This results in quick turnaround time to cater to ever changing customer requirements and guarantees a world class service.

Quick Access
Our peering with major international internet exchanges provide you close access to internet content at source with minimal hops and latency.

Reliable Network
Our network is optimized for low latency, low packet loss and high efficiency. A look at the records show that we have had the least downtime during the last few years of operations thus, giving high quality and reliable service to our customers.

Fully Restorable
Capacities are distributed across multiple cable systems and bandwidth switchover to other cable systems seamlessly in case of failure.
Superior SLA
Industry-leading SLAs with penalty clauses that reflect the confidence we have in the reliability and performance of our network.

Proactive Customer Support
Our dedicated customer services professionals at our Technical Assistance Centre monitor our network on a 24×7 basis so that we detect problems before you report them.