What does Transworld do?

Transworld, Pakistan’s first private sector undersea fiber optic cable system, is offering much needed high value international bandwidth services to the recently deregulated and rapidly developing Telecom and IT sectors of Pakistan.

How long has Transworld been in existence?

Transworld has been in business since 2005.

Why Transworld?

Transworld has earned a reputation for uninterrupted service, solid account management, outstanding support and competitive pricing.

What services does Transworld provide?

Transworld offers:

  • IP Transit
  • International Private Leased Circuit (IPLC)
  • Global MPLS
  • Data Centre
  • DDoS Mitigation
How many facilities does Transworld have?

Transworld has 3 data centers / POPs. 1 in Karachi, 1 in Lahore and 1 in Islamabad. The Head Office is in Islamabad and regional offices are in Karachi & Lahore.

Who do I contact if I have technical queries or there is an issue with the connectivity?

The first line of support is our dedicated Technical Assistance Center UAN: +92-21-111-891-891.

What is Transworld’s network capacity?

Using a state-of-the-art network with DWDM technology, the Transworld (TW1) cable system has an ultimate capacity of 1.28 Tbps with an initial capacity of 20 Gbps. The cable spans 1,274 kms and has landing stations Karachi – Pakistan, Fujairah – UAE, and Seeb – Oman. Transworld is also the consortium member of 20,000KM fiber optic cable system SEA-ME-WE 5 which is a multiregional data superhighway linking Pakistan to South East Asia, Middle East and Europe. SMW 5 has total capacity of 36Tbps.

Does Transworld offer 24x7x365 support?

Transworld has a Technical Assistance Centre with dedicated staff available 24x7x365. Staff can be reached by calling our UAN: 111 891 891 – this number will put you in contact with our first level support who will either assist you or put you in contact with a relevant person who can solve your problem.

What is Transworld’s “Escalation Policy”?

Transworld has the following policy: Single contact resolution; i.e. 95% of the time, one phone call or one trouble ticket or one email message is all that a client needs to fulfill a request for assistance, help or sales. In addition, if a client feels that the level of support was not to their satisfaction, they can escalate their needs directly to the top management of the company – who provide their email addresses and cell phone numbers to clients.

What IP Transit and IPLC tiers does Transworld offer?

E-1 (2 Mbps), E-3 (34 Mbps), DS-3 (45 Mbps), STM-1 (155 Mbps), and STM-4 (622 Mbps) OS bandwidth in increments of 2 Mbps.

How does Transworld’s SLA compare to the industry?

Transworld’s SLAs are the best in the industry. Our international bandwidth partners are Verizon, Telecom Italia and SingTel who all offer high quality SLAs, which we pass on to our customers.

When is my payment due?

Invoices are issued in the first of the month in advance and payments are due within 10 days of issuance of invoices.

Am I paying for services in advance or in arrears?

Transworld bills clients in advance for all services.

I received a “Late Payment Notice” Or “Soft Disconnect Notice” What is this? Am I getting disconnected?

If you received a “Late payment Notice” this means that Transworld hasn’t received your payment. If you received a “Soft Disconnect Notice” this means Transworld has not received your payment for the current month and you are subject to disconnection if, and only if, we are unable to establish a payment arrangement with you.

We never disconnect a client without first:
  1. Notifying the client in writing (email) that they are subject to disconnection,
  2. Making three verbal attempts to notify the client of pending disconnection, and
  3. Attempting to negotiate a payment arrangement with the client.

A Client is only disconnected when a payment arrangement cannot be established.

Where and to whom should I send payments to?

Make checks out to: Trans World Associates (Pvt.) Ltd:
Karachi: 6th floor Dolmen City (Executive Tower), HC-3, Block #4, Marine Drive, Clifton, Karachi
Lahore: 138 – CCA, Phase V, D.H.A, Lahore
Islamabad: Plot No. 24, Retalia Building G-6 Markaz, Islamabad

Can I receive a bill via fax?

Please email [email protected] to request a faxed bill. You must make a request each time you want a bill to be faxed.

Who should be the cheque in favor of?

Please make cheques payable to “Trans World Associates (Pvt.) Ltd.”

How do I receive a hard copy of my bill?

Please email [email protected] and request that hard copies be sent to you via courier. Once requested you will receive a hard copy of your bill every month, in addition to an email copy.