Technical Assistance Center



Technical Assistance Center +92-21-111-891-891 Alternative Number +92-301-224-5994

Recognizing the critical nature that customer services have in the bandwidth industry, Transworld is proud to present an industry first Technical Assistance Center of it’s kind, your one stop for all queries regarding Transworld. Our dedicated TAC staff is available round the clock to address all your queries with the least possible hassle, in the quickest possible time. Each member of our TAC team is cross functionally trained to handle any query you might have.

The following is a list of the types of queries that our Technical Assistance Center deals with:

Website Inaccessibility Issue
SLA Claim Review / Adjustment
Issues relating to Last Mile
Technical Issues (Latency etc.)
Service issues with Co-Location
General Information
IP Blocking
Dispute Resolution
New Products
Service Quality Issues
Personnel Accessibility (Co-Location)
Planned outages

Objectives of the Transworld TAC:

Our Technical Assistance Center was created to develop cultivate and maintain lasting customer relations by:

  • Providing prompt resolution
  • Being sensitive and responsive to our customer’s needs and requirements
  • Being considerate in our dealings with our customers
  • Creating and maintaining an effective two-way communication channel
  • Meeting commitments
Escalation Policy:

The Transworld Technical Assistance Center recognizes the importance of bandwidth uptime for your business continuity. For this purpose, all our customers are aware of the following Escalation Matrix, which highlights the different levels that your query is escalated to depending on the resolution time:


TW1 Technical Assistance Center (24X7 days)

UAN: +92-21-111-891-891

Alternative Number: +92301-2245994

Level 1 – 1 hours

Khalid Jamiluddin

Manager Technical Assistance Center

Phone: 92-213-5824951-4 Fax: 92-213-5824957 Mobile: 92-302-826-4978

Level 2 – 4 hours

Salik Mobin

Head of Technical Assistance Center

Phone: 92-213-5824951-4 Fax: 92-213-5824957 Mobile: 92-302-8267-411

Level 3 – 12 hours

Syed Amiruddin

VP Engineering

Phone: 92-213-5824951-4 Fax: 92-213-5824957

Level 4 – 24 hours

Faisal Abbasi

Vice President Commercial

(Phone numbers are available to customers)