Pakistan to Get 100% 3G Coverage By Year End: Anusha

January 29, 2018

Anusha Rehman Khan, Minister of State for Information Technology and Telecom, has claimed that 100% of the country will enjoy 3G coverage at least by year end.

Pakistan to Get 100% 3G Coverage By Year End: Anusha

She was briefing the media at the World Economic Forum in a press conference that was attended by the Pakistani delegation headed by Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi.

Anusha said that currently the coverage of wireless broadband in Pakistan is at around 80%. She said that this figure is expected to go higher so that all of Pakistan is with-in the coverage area by December 2018

Not to mention, as per standards, only populated areas are accounted for while measuring the percentage of the cellular coverage area.

The IT Minister said that once the infrastructure will be in place to achieve 100 percent 3G coverage, Pakistan will be ready to focus on the demand side of the technology; such as providing training for the masses who want to attain the best of digital skills.

Anusha told the media that Pakistan is on its way to prepare 1 million freelancers in the country. who will be trained with basic and advanced digital skills.