Welcome to Transworld’s unique customer loyalty program.  To appreciate and reward our valued customers for their loyalty we offer a variety of gifts based on the number of points accumulated over the year.

How To Qualify For Transworld Rewards Program

All Program Members belong to one of the 3 clubs (Orange,Silver,Gold) and the criteria for becoming a member of these clubs is timely payments.

Rewards can only be availed out of the listings as categorized in our gift catalogue.

Points have a validity of 12 months, calculated from Jan to December.

Un-utilized points will expire on Dec 31st.

Reward claims will be entertained, if requested, in the month of December each year.


2 Mbps Orange
2 Mbps bandwidth gets you into the Orange Club


3 Mbps – 154 Mbps Silver
Silver Club membership is only open to customers having 3 Mbps- 154 Mbps bandwidth


155 Mbps – 2480 Mbps Gold
Gold Club is exclusively for customers getting 155 Mbps- 2480 Mbps bandwidth

Points are calculated at the end of each month and only become applicable once payment is received for that month. Points accumulate over a year, but only half can be carried forward from year to year.

Orange Club Silver Club Gold Club
Bandwidth 2 Mbps Bandwidth 3 Mbps – 154 Mbps Bandwidth 155 Mbps – 2480 Mbps
Membership Orange Club Membership Silver Club Membership Gold Club
Monthly Reward Orange Points @ 1 Point / 10 USD of Bandwidth Consumption Monthly Reward Silver Points @ 1 Point / 100 USD of Bandwidth Consumption Monthly Reward Gold Points @ 1 Point / 1000 USD of Bandwidth Consumption
Orange points accumulate at a rate of 1 Orange Point per USD 10 of bandwidth consumed. Silver Club members accumulate their points at a rate of 1 Silver Point per USD 100 of bandwidth consumed. This is our most popular club. Our Premier Gold members accumulate Gold points at a rate of 1 Gold Point per USD 1000 of bandwidth consumed.
Want to know more?

Download our Transworld Rewards brochure by clicking the link on the right and find out more about Transworld’s unique customer loyalty program.