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Transworld Corporate Profile
Pakistan’s first private submarine fiber optic cable operator providing restorable international bandwidth services to telecom operators, ISPs and corporate customers.

Transworld IP Transit
The transfer of information in today’s world has become a critical success factor for organizations and individuals. Transworld’s IP Transit service offers a seamless communication channel that can satisfy all your local connectivity needs. We offer high performance premium CIR Internet connectivity with no traffic congestion and guaranteed performance.

Transworld IPLC
Supported by our technically advanced core network and peering relationships with Tier 1 bandwidth providers across the globe, Transworld IPLC service provides clear channel bandwidth for global communications. It is a dedicated point-to-point bandwidth solution that can carry voice, data, internet or video traffic to virtually any place in the world.

Transworld Global MPLS
Transworld Associates Pvt. Ltd, offers MPLS (Multi Protocol Label Switching) services. It is a state-of-the-art switching technology that provides end-to-end connectivity to link all your international sites to a single IP network that easily integrates new locations and applications.

Transworld Data Centre
Transworld Data Centre (TDC) is located 20kms outside the clamor of Karachi city in a fully owned purpose built Telco grade building. The data centre is built on Tier III architecture to let companies purchase rack space and physically house equipment. For you that means up to 99.995% uptime, uninterrupted power and cooling, n+n redundancies and fault tolerant infrastructure.

Transworld DDoS Mitigation
Transworld’s DDoS Mitigation Service is a managed service that provides customers Internet connections and Internet facing hosts with Mitigation against the threat of DDoS attacks. During an attack a customer’s traffic is redirected through our DDoS Mitigation platform which intelligently identifies and drops malicious attack traffic in our core network before it reaches a customer port where it will cause the most damage.