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Global MPLS

MPLS- Multiprotocol Label Switching

MPLS (Multi Protocol Label Switching) service is a state-of-the-art switching technology that provides end-to-end connectivity to link all your international sites to a single IP network that easily integrates new locations and applications. It is the ideal solution for customers with international locations who want transition from traditional packet-based Layer 2 networks or premises-based VPN solutions to a flexible, efficient network-based IP VPN solution.

Product Features

  • Provides your business with a private MPLS routing domain and maintains secure Internet gateways to block Internet based attacks.
  • Simplifies traffic routing by moving the complexity from the customer’s premises to Transworld’s cloud.
  • Complete solution that supports a partial to fully meshed environment, various classes of service and provides value added services such as secure Internet access, remote user access, extranet connectivity, and multicast capabilities on a single network infrastructure.
  • High quality service designed to enable you to classify traffic prioritization over a single infrastructure, allowing high levels of performance for voice, video and data, while also providing efficient use of bandwidth and guaranteed SLA.

TWA provides the following Global MPLS packages:


TWA Global MPLS Elite

TWA Global MPLS Plus


TWA Global MPLS is ideal for non-mission critical applications and supports Internet browsing, email and file transfers. It offers a secure, flexible and cost-effective solution for data communication and its scalability brings effective control, optimization and improved performance to your network. TWA Global MPLS would ensure competitive advantage to your business.

TWAGlobal MPLS Elite

TWA Global MPLS Elite is for customers with audio and video traffic requirements. It offers premium services for demanding business needs. It is an ideal solution for customers who want to converge data, voice and video onto a single network platform. It provides optimum delay, very low loss and guaranteed jitter and latency for high performance applications.


TWA Global MPLS Plus

TWA Global MPLS Plus is for customers running ERP, DSS or other mission critical services and applications that manage business data. It ensures performance and reliability of applications that require low loss, controlled jitter & latency and high availability allowing for management of business applications involving interactive and transactional databases like ERP, CRM, SAP, SNA, Oracle, etc.