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DDoS Mitigation Service

Transworld’s DDoS Mitigation Service:
DDoS attacks are attempts to make a computer or network users unavailable over internet. A common attack method requests to open a connection. The target host cannot cope with such a large number of session requests and simply stops responding, rendering it useless. The DDoS attack also swamps a customer’s Internet connection, blocking traffic from legitimate sources.

“Transworld’s DDoS Mitigation Service is a managed service that provides customers Internet connections and Internet facing hosts with Mitigation against the threat of DDoS attacks. During an attack a customer’s traffic is redirected through our DDoS Mitigation platform which intelligently identifies and drops malicious attack traffic in our core network before it reaches a customer port where it will cause the most damage.”

Transworld’s DDoS Mitigation Service uses Attack Detection and Attack Mitigation Systems located at Transworld’s Internet gateway, to analyze, identify and discard malicious DDoS attack traffic generating from Internet before it reaches a customer’s port. By filtering the malicious traffic in our backbone the customers Internet connection and hosts do not become saturated with DDoS attack traffic and can remain operational.

Transworld’s DDOS Mitigation Service is currently focusing country’s Financial Institutions and CDN for ensure their highest availability for their high uptime dependent business.

SERVICE: On-Demand Service Option

When an attack is detected the customer contacts the Transworld Customer Service Department (CSD) to request that their DDoS Mitigation Service is enabled, quoting their DDoS Mitigation Service ID (SID). A task will be raised to enable DDoS Mitigation, which will only be triggered by customer consent, ensuring that Mitigation is not activated and traffic is not re-directed due to non-malicious activity known to the customer, such as large file transfers, a special event.

How it Works?

DDoS Mitigation works by re-directing Internet traffic destined for a customer’s host or network infrastructure through an Attack Management Systems.
The Attack -Management System analyze a customer’s traffic flow based on peak traffic rates, attack signatures and packet inspection techniques based on protocols, IP addresses, port numbers and other data to identify and drop malicious DDoS attack traffic.
Under normal operating conditions customers’ traffic will flow to/from the Internet via the most direct path across Transworld’s IP backbone.

Key Benefits

Customers Internet Services remain operational even when being attacked, maximizing the availability of the customer’s website, on-line services and applications.

-Transworld’s DDoS Mitigation discards malicious traffic within its IP backbone before it reaches the customer where it would do the most harm.

-Provides customers with a key service that positively contributes to a customer’s business continuity planning (BCP) processes.

-Affordable insurance against the threat of DDoS attacks.

-Integrated with Transworld’s Internet Services, all of which is managed by Transworld’s CSD/NOC 24x7x365, providing customers with a single point of contact, management and accountability.

  • 24 x 7 management and monitoring via Operations Center
  • Access to performance and event reporting with online attack reports and historical data for Volumetric and application layer attack mitigation.
  • Mitigates against known forms of layer 3-7 attacks.
  • 15- to 30-minute Time to Mitigate for most known forms of attack for On-Demand service option.
  • 5- to 15-minute Time to Mitigate for most known forms of attack for Always-On service option.