TES focus on technology expertise, service quality and putting the needs of the customer above all. Whatever your needs may be, whichever industry you belong to, we can help your business become a truly global and connected enterprise.


OWNERSHIP AND CONTROL OF TIER-1 OPERATOR: TES is the only bandwidth provider that is backed by Transworld which owns and manages its submarine cable network, thereby ensuring quickest possible access to the internet cloud.

QUALITY OF SERVICE: A secure, resilient and reliable architecture, conforming to the highest international standards translates into minimum hops, ability to provision services faster, identify and fix problems and respond to customer requirements in real time.

REACH: Our global infrastructure can connect you to any part of the world. We serve all the major corporate segments. Currently more than 60 of Pakistan’s largest corporations including top banks are our customers.

EXTENSIVE PRODUCT MIX: TES offers managed and hosting service to relieve you of non-critical networking tasks. Our bandwidth packages are flexible including both CIR and shared solutions. Additionally, you can leverage our state of the art Data Center. Our network supports Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, Optical and Copper interfaces.

EXPERT SUPPORT: TES offers 24×7 customer support through our customer services call centre. Our skilled pre-sales support team provides services tailored to our clients’ requirements.

PERFORMANCE: Our network is monitored by a fully-integrated Network Operations Center (NOC) which operates 24x7x365. Our networking experts, in collaboration with your team, are constantly monitoring your equipment and traffic patterns so that any problems are solved quickly and proactively.

We provide connectivity solutions to leading enterprises throughout Pakistan. Our client list includes leading multi-national companies and small & medium enterprises in the country. TES Global targets customers that need quick, reliable and secure access to the internet cloud.

In addition we also provide point-to-point and point-to-multipoint secure access via our MPLS solutions. Our Customers need efficient and cost effective solutions to provide real-time access at geographically dispersed locations with traffic prioritization and scalability. For these customers, factors such as global reach, information security and scalability makes it necessary to adapt MPLS solutions.

We believe in “ease of use” for our clients. With TES all your connectivity needs will be fulfilled on a one window basis. Our unmatched customer support ensures that your needs are met in time and proactively; identifying problems and working on them before your operations are disrupted. Our highly qualified technical team maintains the system and ensures performance according to international standards, our dedicated account managers are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year so that the fulfillment of all your connectivity needs is just a phone call away. So, in case you are about to make a decision to buy one of the most critical assets for your company, give us a call.