Data Centre

Data Centre
In the digital age, data must be easily accessible 24x7x365. There is no time for down time. We give you TDC because NOT ALL DATA CENTRES ARE CREATED EQUAL. Transworld Data Centre (TDC) is a state-of-the-art, tier III, TIA-942 compliant data centre, housed in a Telco grade building, and conveniently located at the internet gateway of Pakistan. TDC has been custom designed to provide an ideal and reliable solution for mission critical systems, such as data and voice exchanges. Our solutions are designed to support your requirements, either as a DR (virtual data PoP or as an international voice hub). Our one stop solution provides high speed internet and dedicated infrastructure necessary to compete in today’s dynamic marketplace.

TDC gives you the competitive advantage of 99.995% uptime and ability to leverage the same fault tolerant infrastructure that facilitates all of Pakistan’s internet traffic.

  • Building Infrastructure:
    • State-of-the-art cable landing facility built by TE Subcom.
  • Cooling Infrastructure:
    • Precision cooling using the most advanced APC in-row cooling mechanism.
  • Fire Detection & Suppression (VESDA & FM-200):
    • Latest and most advanced fire suppression system.
  • Generator Caterpillar:
    • Multiple high-capacity generators with dual ATS.
  • UPS power that is flexible and scalable:
    • Depending upon your needs, choose a scalable row, in-room, or backroom UPS solution.
Key Benefits
  • Enclosures that are HD-Ready:
    • Start with vendor-neutral NetShelter® SX enclosures, engineered to handle the airflow, physical weight and power need of power hungry, high density servers.
  • Metered PDUs at the rack level:
    • Installed metered rack PDUs to indicate which enclosures and outlets have capacity for new HD servers and which ones don’t.
  • Environment monitoring in the racks:
    • Add local or remote monitoring of temperature and humidity in your enclosures.
  • Centralized monitoring software:
    • Monitor all power, security and environment from a single management system using real-time data at the row, enclosure, and U level.
  • Efficient InRow® cooling:
    • Innovative, responsive, variable speed fans optimize efficiency by monitoring and matching server cooling needs.

Data Centre Packages

1. Premium Colocation
  • A Telco grade Colocation for clients having highly mission-critical applications, and no tolerance for downtime. With 24×7 support of smart hands, unlimited VPNs, on-demand bandwidth and dedicated senior account managers, this service is designed specifically for the needs of top-tier corporate customers where 24×7 business continuity is a top priority.
2.Superior Colocation
  • Our Corporate grade Colocation for clients with mission-critical applications with very minimal tolerance for downtimes. In this category, our customers enjoy our 24-hour service availability, reporting, smart hands, account manager as well as 24×7 call centre for hassle free operations. This service is designed specifically keeping in mind the needs of top tier corporate customers where 24×7 business continuity is a top priority.
3.Standard Colocation
  • A Corporate grade Colocation for our cost-conscious corporate customers, allowing them to enjoy the most advanced Data Centre facility in Pakistan. Transworld DC ensures enhanced service availability as per SLA and gives round-the-clock Customer Support.