TWA Updates

April 1, 2016

Interview with Mr. Abdul Rehman Durwaish
“Currently, working in a niche market, Transworld will be an integrated Telecom service provider in the years to come.” Abdul Rehman Durwaish
Please give us a brief overview of your journey prior to joining Transworld.
I attended NED University at Karachi where I majored in Electrical Engineering followed by Masters from University of Texas at Arlington. My professional career began in 1988 when I joined PTCL, Karachi on a technical position (related to international switching and transmission). After serving in KHI for good 16 years, I was transferred to PTCL HQ ISB where I spent additional 10 years, accumulating 26 years of service in PTCL. During this span, I had an opportunity to work in strategy, Fixed Line Churn Management & Corporate Services departments and finally left PTCL as EVP (South) Corporate Services. During my career in PTCL, I was provided 40 training courses. PTCL also sponsored my MBA (Executive) from LUMS.
We would like to know your experience in Transworld including your accomplishments in this period and the added value to Transworld as an employee.
I have been with Transworld for 2 years now. Over these couple of years, Transworld has increased its penetration in international business with a foremost focus on IPLC business. We have also enhanced the relationship with international carriers like i.e. Epsilon, ACCW, BT-Federal, Etisalat-Afghanistan, Level 3, etc.
What problems did you encounter during your journey in Transworld?
Problems and Challenges are everywhere. TWA is a very virtuous organization. Most of TWA’s higher management is in HQ, Islamabad therefore problems are resolved in trifling time. Manual dependencies and lack of IT systems i.e. ERP, etc. are few drawbacks, which I think will be addressed gradually.
Did you have any training relevant to your position and scope of work given by Transworld?
My 26 years’ experience of PTCL has given me tremendous advantage in TWA. Initially I was looking after CSD, Marketing & international business development. Afterwards with SMW 5 consortium, I became the PG member of SMW 5 on behalf of TWA. Additionally, I started looking after Carrier and wholesale customer relationships, as well.
Where do you see TWA in next ten years?
Currently, working in a niche market, Transworld will be an integrated telecom service provider in the years to come. With the launch of GPON and acquiring SMW 5 landing in Pakistan, TWA is moving towards a full scale telecom operator and will soon be operating as the second biggest player with reference to the infrastructure services and fixed line telecom market.

TES and Microsoft Express Route in Negotiation
TES is in negotiation with MS ExpressRoute for partnership between both companies. Azure ExpressRoute enables to create private connections between Azure datacenters and infrastructure on client’s premises or in a colocation environment. With Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute, TES enterprise customers will have access to high-performance cloud storage. They will achieve network latency speeds of one to two milliseconds between Microsoft Azure datacenters and their storage.

IT Evaluating Contact Center Solutions
The performance and efficiency of the business is directly correlated with the customer satisfaction. Whereas customer satisfaction is highly dependent on response and communication by the business to the customers. In today’s world Contact Centers are considered to be the core component that can increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.
Contact Center operates 24/7/365 days to meet the KPI’s set by the business.
Capable of operating 24/7/365 and includes the following features:
• E-mail response management
• Web chat
• Session recording and transcript mailing
• Self-service Knowledge-base
• Analytics and Quality System
• Telephony Infrastructure, including Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)
• Interactive Voice Response (IVR) technology
• Allows for integration with third-party applications such Business Process Management (BPM) software
• Allows remote access with appropriate permissions and security
• Capable of “warm hand-off” from Contact Center Service Provider’s Tier 1 Customer Service agents to Tier 2 agents, etc.
Transworld IT is evaluating different solution based on the business demand while focusing future growth and the technology requirements.

TES soon to offer GPON powered service to Shahra e Faisal Corporate Sector
With first deployment in Karachi DHA Phase VI, TES’s GPoN service is now also available in Shahra e Faisal Karachi to our corporate customers.
GPON provides a capacity boost in both the total bandwidth and bandwidth efficiency through the use of larger, variable-length packets. It not only provides substantially higher efficiency as a transport network, but also delivers simplicity and superb scalability for future expansion in supporting additional services with lowest cost for all modes of operation.
With this unique capability TES has raised the bar of customer experience by many notches. The service includes extremely fast and reliable broadband connectivity and digital television with amazing video quality.

TWA Contracts Huawei Marine for 100G Upgrade on TW1
Transworld Associates (TWA), has contracted with Huawei Marine to upgrade its submarine cable system, TW1. The 100G upgrade will combine submarine and terrestrial systems into a unified network by utilizing Huawei’s advanced WDM/OTN product OSN 8800. This will greatly enhance the operational and management capabilities of the TW1 system, while substantially lowering the operating expenses. Huawei’s OSN 8800/9800 platform and 100G transmission technology will increase the original system design capacity by six times.

After Karachi, Transworld Set To Launch GPON Technology in Lahore
TES has started Fiber to home service which is actually based on GPON (Gigabit Passive Optical Network) technology; in Karachi. In 2013, TWA announced that that they will start GPON and very high speed broadband soon and thus deployed GPON in Karachi, DHA phase VI initially and later on moved to Clifton, DHA Phase V, etc.
After the successful deployment in Karachi (few areas), it is expected to expand in Karachi and launch in Lahore now, as said by President Transworld.
GPON is provided to TES’ subscribers by using optical fiber cables and it will deliver triple play to every subscriber. It is supposed to have a blazing fast speed and will provide most advanced services relating voice, video and data to its customers. Mainly, just like HD videos and Television, innovative telephony services and ultra-brand internet access.

GPON Updates
Keeping the momentum high, TES sales team crossed 600 new signoff mark during March 2016 despite delays in service delivery and survey that were experienced till mid of current quarter.
Access team in coordination with CS, are playing a pivotal role in managing smooth TAT for all site surveys and service deliveries. Through combined team efforts, TES GPON signoffs have reached 619 mark, with 89% Consumers and 11% corporate customers onboard.
The coverage within DHA Phase 6 have slightly been increased (adding 2 Khayabans and 3 Streets) so sales team have new potential areas/prospects to target.
GPON pilot project in Karachi is entering into final stage where further coverage expansion (mainly on Shahrah-e-Faisal) is underway, headcount is being added and a formal launch is being planned.

Social Media Updates
Team Marketing ran a T20 World Cup campaign on the TES Facebook and LinkedIn pages in supporting Team Pakistan in the World Cup! They came up with fun designs attractive to the target market. It prompted the viewers to get connected to a TES connection for them to be able to enjoy uninterrupted streaming on blazing fast internet speeds.
We have seen a continuing increase in Social Media exposure with TWA Facebook page touching 2,258 Likes this month with an addition of 40 likes. TWA LinkedIn page has reached 2,928 followers, with 95 individuals additionally following our company. TES Facebook page has seen a 6% increase in its fan base as Team Marketing has made sure that they answer any query that arises on all its pages.