TWA Updates

October 31, 2016

“I always take a problem as a challenge and an opportunity to enhance my skills.” Naveed Malik
Please give us a brief overview of your journey prior to joining Transworld.
As a chartered accountant, I began my professional journey in a chartered accountant firm as an Audit Manager where I spent good 5years before I joined Bank Alfalah for a short period of 1year as Head of Business Development. Saif group followed my professional journey of Bank Alfalah where I got exposure to work on few leading projects including Saif Power, Health Care, Environmental Management, etc. thus completing seven years in the esteem organization. I joined Transworld as VP Finance in 2010.
We would like to know your experience in Transworld including your accomplishments in this period and the added value to Transworld as an employee.
With the endless support of TWA management, I have completed the high end projects of Data Centre, new submarine system, TIS, GPON and many more from the very start till their completion. I have been awarded consecutive three OS in my tenure in TWA which gives me immense pleasure and a satisfaction of being a valuable asset for the organization.
What problems did you encounter during your journey in Transworld?
None. In my view, life is full of obstacles and hindrances where as a successful person consider them as opportunities to polish his skills and to groom his competencies by learning the skills to encounter the problems in a professional way. Thus I always take the problems as challenge and so far have always been successful.
Did you have any training relevant to your position and scope of work given by Transworld?
The training of Leadership and various conferences including Capacity conference, SMW 5 management committee meeting, CFO conference, and many more.
Where do you see TWA in next ten years?
“I see TWA as a Leading Telecom Company end to end, beginning by providing domestic and international connectivity to high end corporate businesses and ending up by providing FTTH services to the consumer homes.”

What’s New?
TES has upgraded all its residential customers to 40 Mbps
TES [Transworld Enterprise Services] has upgraded all its residential customers to 40 Mbps, to experience even faster browsing and uninterrupted streaming for the price of 20 Mbps. The gesture is to thank all of them for being our founder member.

TES has shifted to new office
TES has shifted to its new office at 6B DMCC Clifton. This will help in better coordination and smoothening the operations.

O&M training @ TWA CLS, Karachi

TWA management arranged a training for TWA operation & maintenance staff by ASN team France, at Karachi Cable Landing Station for 10 Days. It will help to get a complete overview of SMW 5 operations and will equip the staff with skills to cater different queries and operations of SMW 5 in a better and more professional way.

Bowling Event @ TWA KHI and LHR Stations
HR conducted a bowling event for its employees at all three stations i.e. KHI, LHR & ISB. Two stations i.e. KHI and LHR enjoyed and participated fully to burst the entertainment package however the bent was postponed at ISB station due to political unrest in the city. The other two stations had the event followed by the hi-tea. Both the teams enjoyed a lot.

Shop GPON Packages
Keeping in view the high demand from the sales team to create a retail package, TES announced the launch of two GPON Shop category packages. TES is gradually catching up to the entire eco system of the market by adding packages for all niches and creating revenue streams to support the TES Sales team generate more business.
All other terms and conditions will remain the same as per the connections being sold to the residential.

Transworld has recently added DDoS surgical mitigation system in to its network
Previously Transworld is monitoring and detecting DDOS attacks generated from internet towards its customers networks infrastructure and defending them using RTBH mechanism. With this mechanism only the victimized IP address is black-holed while other IP addresses of customer remains available for use. The combination of DDoS detection and Mitigation, Transworld now has introduced DDoS surgical mitigation capability where the victim IP address will remain available for service even under DDOS attack. Transworld has deployed Arbor powered system to detect DDOS and surgically mitigate it, transiting legitimate DDOS clean traffic to its customer.


Marine installation in Karachi branch has been completed. Shore end Operations of SEMEWE-5 has ended and cable is being buried from shallow water to plough down. The SEAMEWE-5 cable has also been lit and end to end testing is underway. SEAMEWE-5 operations training has started and ASN engineers are present at the Landing Station.

GPON Updates
Entering last quarter, TES GPON services are being rolled out in DHA Phase 5 (remaining area) and at Zamzama.
Sales is focused on skimming through retail/shop clientele available in all respective coverage areas and with help of new consumer promo package, new customer acquisition pace is expected to steadily pick-up.
After DHA Phase 5 and Zamzama, Engineering team is targeting to rollout GPON services throughout DHA and Clifton/Bath Island.

Social Media Updates
TES GPON customers have received a 40 Mbps upgrade from 20 Mbps in the same price! This has got people talking on public forums and also has helped in spreading awareness regarding our upgrade. Additionally, we are now going to offer 30 Mbps of internet as a promotion to all new sign ups till December, 2016.
We have seen a continuing increase in Social Media exposure with TWA Facebook page touching 2419 Likes this month. TWA LinkedIn page has reached 3511 followers, with 77 individuals additionally following our company. TES Facebook page has seen a 5% increase in its fan base. Additionally, TES LinkedIn page has seen an increase of 8%, of which most of the followers are entry level or mid-career level.