TWA Updates

August 31, 2016

Please give us a brief overview of your journey prior to joining Transworld.
Right after my graduation, I started my career in 2002 and my throughout journey served with the Administration department in different organizations.
We would like to know your experience in Transworld including your accomplishments in this period and the added value to Transworld as an employee.
I have been working with Transworld Associates since 2009 (over 7 years) during this period I have gained a lot of experience valuable knowledge. Also I was awarded ‘’Employee of the Year’’ in recognition of excellent & outstanding performance in 2011. It is a dynamic organization for an employee to grow.
What problems did you encounter during your journey in Transworld?
Problem and issues are everywhere, the thing is that how do you tackle it. Since my joining I have played my roll with multiple administrative tasks ‘’Alhamdulillah’’ I have achieved my goal which has also been recognized by the Management.
Did you have any training relevant to your position and scope of work given by Transworld?
Yes, I have participated with some basic common business communications trainings. Here I would suggest the Company to arrange / start the trainings or workshops which could be helpful for the employee to gain the skills and knowledge.
Where do you see TWA in next ten years?
Of course the future of Transworld is too bright; it has recently upgraded to100G capacity of its own TW1 submarine cable system and after launch of SEA-ME-WE 5 it would be brighter in the next decade. There is no match and comparison of TWA.

Landing of SMW 5 at Hawks bay, Karachi
We are going to land SEAMEWE5 in mid-September at Hawks bay beach.

Best and fastest router in Telecom industry
One of best and fastest router in Telecom industry and first one in Pakistan MX2020 from juniper has been successfully installed and commissioned at CLS last week.

TWA bags its biggest order in its history”British Telecom”
Transworld has marked its history by winning the biggest order so far i.e. British Telecom IPLC circuit.

GPON nailing at 1000+ customer base
After successful launch in few areas of Karachi and positive feedback of customer in Broadband project, the project is being planned to expand presence in Shahra e Faisal & PECHS for which a POP is Business Avenue is being established. Currently, GPON service is being provided to approximately 900 customers. Similarly, TES is working on expansion of teams, equipment & resources for DHA and Shahrah e-faisal. TES is going declare functional its Badar POP in 15 days extend GPON BB services to sea view township and Phase 5 extension areas of DHA.

TWA gets complete floor in Dolmen
Transworld is establishing 6B office and office is being shifting from 12th to 6th Floor to cater the new staff. This will be helpful in better coordination.

Fire suppression system is installed in SEAMEWE-5 DC with CCTV Cameras. Power is also extended and ACs are also being installed in newly established SEAMEWE-5 Hall. We have constructed a Culvert to secure the Seaward Duct of SEAMEWE-5, which was not included in the initial planning but then carried out as additional work, in order to have extra protection over the handshake point of land cable and submarine cable.

GPON Updates
As we reach mid-year, Sales team have increased their overall pace on new consumer and corporate orders signoffs.
New potential areas are also being identified and added in existing coverage foot print as consumer/corporate’s service deliveries at Shahrah-e-Faisal/P.E.C.H.S have initiated.
Engineering team is working on further expansion within DHA Phase 5 and focusing on new DHA Phase 7.

Social Media Updates
Our social media pages have started to get more relevant leads and Team Marketing has forwarded a 100MB lead to the sales team this month. Additionally, two GPON leads have also been realized in Karachi this month. We also get numerous queries regarding when our services will be reaching their area of residence, and additionally our page is becoming a medium of communication for customer services related queries as well.
We have seen a continuing increase in Social Media exposure with TWA Facebook page touching 2391 Likes this month with an addition of 55 likes. TWA LinkedIn page has reached 3353 followers, with 104 individuals additionally following our company. TES Facebook page has seen a 6% increase in its fan base compared to 4% increase MoM. Additionally, TES LinkedIn page has seen an increase of 9% (compared to 3% last month), of which most of the followers are entry level or mid-career level.