TWA Updates

July 29, 2016

Babar Ali Bajwa joins as Vice President Commercial – TES
We are pleased to announce the joining of Babar Ali Bajwa as Vice President Commercial TES. Babar Ali Bajwa possesses over 17 years of outstanding track record and experience of General Management, Sales, Marketing and Customer Service with demonstrable record of delivering Phenomenal profits, sustainable business growth & successfully launching new services, setting up of departments that grew to become one of the largest in Pakistan. He is a results-oriented team leader who motivates through mentoring and value-added relationships to foster professional growth and job satisfaction. He said, ““I am very excited to Join TES and look forward to work with my new colleagues in this new challenging role and very hopeful. I will be able to Utilize my experience and expertise to the fullest of my abilities for the growth of this organization. I always took guidance from my seniors and managed to achieve company targets.”

Permission of entire DHA in Karachi except Phase 8 extended till Year 2017
Transworld has received permission for its GPON services in DHA [except phase VIII], which will help TWA to serve more customers.

Revamping and establishing a telco grade POP in DHA Phase 6
Transworld is establishing a telco grade POP in DHA Phase 6. This will improve quality of services and will provide better services to existing and potential customers.

Diversion of OFC Route
Transworld has created diversion of OFC route in Mauripur to remove single point of failure. This will enhance service uptime.

Extension of Long Haul Links
TWA long haul links were connected through GCS but after Signing IRU with Multinet, we have an additional and diverse path for the extension of long haul links and have overcome the single vendor dependability.

GPON Expansion
After successful launch in Karachi, positive feedback of customer in Broadband project, the project is being planned to expand presence in DHA Phase 5 and in Lahore. To cater the requirement, RFP has been designed and floated to vendors for procurement of hardware for the project.

Marine installation in Karachi branch is on hold due to delay in issuance of MOD permits. Onsite training on SMW5 station equipment was conducted by supplier ASN in Jul, 2016. Commissioning testing paths with test interface type has been finalized. Culvert is constructed to secure the Seaward Duct of SEAMEWE-5, which was not included in the initial planning but then carried out as additional work, in order to have extra protection over the handshake point of land cable and submarine cable.

GPON Updates
As we reach mid-year, Sales team have increased their overall pace on new consumer and corporate orders signoffs.
New potential areas are also being identified and added in existing coverage foot print as consumer/corporate’s service deliveries at Shahrah-e-Faisal/P.E.C.H.S have initiated.
Engineering team is working on further expansion within DHA Phase 5 and focusing on new DHA Phase 7.

Social Media Updates
As mentioned earlier, Team Marketing has developed a new section on its TES Facebook page for fans/followers to be able to shop for our GPON Packages 1 and 2 via Facebook. You can check our TES Facebook Page to view this new feature with “Shop Now”. This feature has increased engagement on our Facebook page and has encouraged queries regarding our GPON packages by a significant amount. Most of these queries are regarding coverage are and installation costs.
We have seen a continuing increase in Social Media exposure with TWA Facebook page touching 2369 Likes this month with an addition of 33 likes. TWA LinkedIn page has reached 3249 followers, with 65 individuals additionally following our company. TES Facebook page has seen a 4% increase in its fan base as Team Marketing has made sure that they answer any query that arises on all its pages. Additionally, TES LinkedIn page has seen an increase of 3%.

Please give us a brief overview of your journey prior to joining Transworld.
I started my professional career in telecom industry with Mobilink as my initial employer in 1995. Following three+ years of solid experience in Mobilink, I moved to UK for MBA in 1998. In 2000, I completed my MBA and subsequently joined another leading operator in telecom sector i.e. Warid where I served for 6 years and my last assignment was as GM Sales and Distribution (Ivory Coast) before joining Transworld as Head of Sales – Central in 2010.
We would like to know your experience in Transworld including your accomplishments in this period and the added value to Transworld as an employee.
My journey in Transworld began as HOD Sales for Central Region. Thanks to my team and continuous support from the management which helped me to become one of the leading revenue generating KAMs – this achievement was predominantly accomplished by successfully maintaining customer relationships with all high end customers producing major revenue for the company for past 3 to 4 years. Thanks to TWA management for entrusting me with this responsibility and augmenting confidence in my abilities by awarding me additional responsibility of North to further expand my work domain and giving me the title of HOD Sales – Central & North.
What problems did you encounter during your journey in Transworld?
I don’t believe in problems but Yes! We do face challenges every now and then, and it is job of professionals in this contemporary era to not only deal with challenges and devise solutions but also come out as a better human being.
Did you have any training relevant to your position and scope of work given by Transworld?
Yes, I attended numerous training programs conducted by Transworld which boosted my professional skills. Further to this, having multiple responsibilities of two regions and major clients from wholesale and carriers segment is actually the best ‘On the Job’ training anyone can have.
Where do you see TWA in next ten years?
Transworld is embarking in the new journey with GPON. Currently, Transworld is the leading seller in ICT services and in next five years I see it as a leading operator in Broadband, consumer market, etc.