TWA Updates

June 2, 2016

Interview with Mr. Shafiq-ur-Rehman Khan
“My Job enabled me to enhance my skills and perspectives towards my work and overall as my personality.”
Please give us a brief overview of your journey prior to joining Transworld.
I started my career in a Construction company as an Admin officer till the year 2000. After which I joined Instaphone as a customer services representative from year 2001 till year 2008 and in which I was promoted to Backend Support Executive after 2 years.
We would like to know your experience in Transworld including your accomplishments in this period and the added value to Transworld as an employee.
I have been with Transworld for 7 years now and it’s been a learning experience ever since. Over these years, Transworld has increased its penetration in international/ Domestic and my Job enabled me to gain many new skills and perspectives towards my work and overall as my personality. I get a lot of support from my team and we always try to finish tasks in minimum possible time. Since my joining in TW, it’s been a very pleasant experience and I hope it will prosper more with time.
What problems did you encounter during your journey in Transworld?
Problems and Challenges are everywhere and I found TWA to be a very virtuous organization. Everyone is connected so problems are resolved very quickly.
Did you have any training relevant to your position and scope of work given by Transworld?
On a whole, CSD Team has received trainings in customer services.
Where do you see TWA in next ten years?
Transworld has seen growth in last ten years and it will grow further in consumer sector in coming years.

TWA Customer Survey
We have received 96% response this year. Team Marketing, in collaboration with the Sales and Customer Services Division has been running the biannual Customer Experience Surveys during the month of May.

TES Customer Survey
We have been able to get a 87% response for TES Customer Satisfaction Surveys this time compared to 82% in 2015. Results will be compiled with which the management will be able to evaluate TES services.

Ramadan Value Packs
Ramadan Value Packs to our esteemed clientele has been a significant part of Transworld’s tradition every year. This year, Transworld sent a distinctive gift pack including dates – Ajwa & Mabroom imported from Madinah Monawra. The dates were packed in an exclusively designed Lacquer wood box.

E-marine team visited BMH site on 2nd May, 16 to plan shore end cable landing. Land cable installation & jointing has been completed on 20th May, 2016. Standalone Testing of cable station equipment is in progress. E-marine cable ship for shore end cable landing will be sailing soon to deploy the cable.

GPON Corporate & Consumer Pamphlets
Team marketing designed pamphlets (in-house) to boost sales of GPON for corporate and consumer segments. The pamphlets focus our packages and services highlighting our differentiator being the Tier 1 operator. The pamphlets have been printed and delivered in Karachi to the sales team.

GPON Updates
During May 2016, TES sales team have kept their momentum high as always and been closing orders both in consumer and corporate segments.
Shahrah-e-Faisal being newly activated area is now strongly targeted for corporate signoffs. Next expansion is expected in DHA Phase 5.

Social Media Updates
Team Marketing has developed a new section on its TES Facebook page and fans/followers can now shop for our GPON Packages 1 and 2 via Facebook! You can check our TES Facebook Page to view this new feature with “Shop Now”. You will be able to see the pricing and product featured on the top of the page.
We have seen a continuing increase in Social Media exposure with TWA Facebook page touching 2313 Likes this month with an addition of 36 likes. TWA LinkedIn page has reached 3121 followers, with 108 individuals additionally following our company. TES Facebook page has seen a 6% increase in its fan base as Team Marketing has made sure that they answer any query that arises on all its pages. Additionally, TES LinkedIn page has seen an increase of 5%.