Transworld Associates Private Limited

Fastest Internet in pakistan

Transworld is a joint venture of Orastar Limited and OMZEST Group of His Excellency Dr Omar Abdul Mone’m Yousuf Al Zawawi of Sultanate of Oman. Transworld is Pakistan’s only private sector organization with exclusive ownership to submarine fiber optic cable networks which makes it the provider of the fastest internet in Pakistan. We are Pakistan’s TIER-1 network operator and a bandwidth provider who is providing the best internet in Pakistan to top cellular mobile operators, ISPs, corporate organizations and thousands of small and medium enterprises. Due to our extensive footprint of fiber optic networks we connect the people of Pakistan to the digital world via high speed internet connectivity.

Transworld commenced operations in 2006 and is the only internet service provider in Pakistan which owns its 1,300 KM submarine cable system TW1 and is also the consortium member of the latest 20,000KM fiber optic cable system SEA-ME-WE 5 which is a multiregional data superhighway connecting Pakistan to Asia Pacific, Middle East and Europe. TWA has also obtained capacities on other regional cables, both on eastern and western sides, for creating route diversity and resilience. The company has peering in Middle East, Europe, US and Far East with Tier-1 operators to provide lowest latency connections for Internet and data traffic. Our points of presence in international markets like Germany, France and Singapore ensures the lowest latency for our customers.

TWA is perfectly synchronized to the global Internet peering ecosystem via direct connectivity to content providers such as Google, Facebook, Akamai, Netflix, Amazon and several others which makes the customer experience a fastest internet in Pakistan